Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the franchise and what is the total investment?
The TKC franchise fee and franchise package is £19,500 and your investment including working capital is circa £47,000 in total.
Is franchising the best option for me?
We will help you make that decision and will certainly tell you if we believe it is not right for you. Franchising does however offer a better opportunity to succeed at less risk than starting on your own. Our experience means we have already made many mistakes in the past so you don’t have to repeat those but concentrate on success with TKC franchise.
What skills do I need?
We are looking for motivated people with the energy and ambition to run and build their own business. We provide you with all the training you need with your key requirements being the ability to motivate and create a strong, loyal client base working as a team.
How do you select your franchisees?
We spend a great deal of time talking to you and meeting you in person to be sure you will be right for TKC franchise. Above all, we look for happy and pleasant individuals woth a passion for delivering high standards and communicating this to all they work with.
What training do you provide?
We provide one to one training with key management staff specific to your individual requirements. We provide your key training stages including:
  • Initial Training – 4 days in London
  • Launch Programme – one week in territory training
  • On-going Marketing training and assistance in local PR and communications
What finance is available?
We have good relationships and funding arrangements in place with the specialist franchise departments of NatWest, HSBC and Lloyds as well as other financial institutions subject to the usual lending criteria.
Can I run another business alongside the TKC franchise?
The TKC franchise is a full time commitment and any distraction could seriously damage your prospects of success. Any other business interests must have the express permission of the franchisor.
Are multiple territories available?
Following one year of successful trading, franchisees may apply for additional territory if it is available and it can be demonstrated it is in the interests of your business.
Can I sell my franchise?
Yes. The TKC franchise is a valuable asset once established and we understand that you will need an exit strategy at some stage. We will assist with, and approve, the new owner.